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I receive a great deal of these ideas for my own entrances to Muppet Poker from Yahoo Replies, because I see the same questions appear again and again. I’ll generally just pick a topic to write about when I have seen very little details relating to this elsewhere… Hence this report. Cold decking is a method of cheating on poker (and, for instance, in virtually any card game).

Essentially, name refers to switching the deck during the match, also is derived from the simple fact that the new deck is colder (temperature-wise) compared to deck that was Agen Poker Online play. It’s possible to switch decks everything you want on web sites like and

This really mean is that somebody’s introducing a stacked deck to playwith. This could advantage both casinos and players. Casinos?

Player Advantage

In home games, usually the dealer button is rotated round the desk along with the cards and everybody takes turns at coping. Your sly friend comes with another deck sitting under the table that’s been stacked to his own advantage and he supplies this the old switch-a-roo to get it upon the table. He subsequently gives the deck an instant fictitious shuffle, a few fictitious cuts and deals the cards. Low Behold, he’s got pocket Aces, and takes down the pot.

Casino Advantage

When I say”casino” here, I mean that the term in the loosest sense possible. Any poker matches that are collecting rake are casinos , as well as your beloved poker rooms, and

I am not saying that most casinos take action (though, I am quite convinced there are always a couple that ), but it is quite feasible, especially in online poker rooms. Basically, cold-decking inside this sense wouldn’t be favorable to some one player specifically. Rather, it’d give a number players significantly strong hands, as a way to promote aggressive gambling (in actuality, in online poker, then it’d be feasible for those cards to be dealt with to the maximum statistically-proven competitive players) as a way to construct a larger kettle. As you all know, a larger kettle = a larger rake. (for all the ones that are still not after, a bigger rake = additional money for the casinos!)

I really could go on and on at how people may tear you off at poker… But this website wouldn’t be about poker, so it would be about card exploitation!